who’s teaching?

…Sharon White Weltlich…

I grew up in North Alabama (Tuscumbia).  I attended the University of North Alabama for a couple of years then transferred to Auburn University where I received my Secondary Education/Mathematics degree in 1988.  I moved to Atlanta, Georgia  to teach school.  During this time I worked on and received my masters degree from Georgia State University in 1992.  I continued my education at Emory University where I received my DAST (Diploma of Advanced Studies in teaching) in math education in 1997.

I still live in Atlanta, Georgia (Dunwoody area) with my husband and 3 children.  I taught high school for 10 years. When my second child was born, my husband and I decided that I would stay at home with kids.  This is when my tutoring career began.  I tutored for 11 years.  It was the perfect job until my children began having evening activities.  I was missing their sports functions because I was at home tutoring.  In 2009, I decided that it was best to go back to work in a situation where my hours matched my children’s school hours.  I now teach at a local junior college.

I have been teaching and tutoring since 1988. I love what I do! You get excited when you make a touchdown…make a tackle…have a great “dig” in volleyball…or get a “double” in baseball. You feel good when you know that your kids appreciate you…you get a promotion…or you decide to pursue a dream. I can tell you this…YOU WILL FEEL EXHILARATED WHEN YOU START UNDERSTANDING ALGEBRA! I am here to take the mystery out of “x”.
One of my tutoring students once told me (in a nice way…) that he could “hear my voice in his head” while he was taking a quiz. I use LOTS of inflection…lots of “corny” sayings (which is why I could never teach at my kids’ school- they would be mortified)…BUT….If my voice sticks in your head and helps you remember the next step…then I am okay with acting a little goofy…my students think that I am COOL…I wonder what my kids think????
Most of my topics will be for Algebra.   I have a daughter, 4 nephews and a neighbor that are all entering this phase. I do not have time to tutor anymore. My own kids have baseball, volleyball, football, swimming etc. I am very busy during the hours from 4 to 10.  So to all my dear friends that have kids entering the ALGEBRA PHASE of life….I hope my website helps your kids almost as much as my tutoring would. To all my previous tutoring students and class students….Thank you for making me the teacher that I am!!